Convo Menu

Great Beginnings

Prawn Toast

Minced prawn layered on toast drenched with Thai salsa sauce.

Convo Wings

Crispy herb marinated wings served with our signature sambal tumis sauce.

Onion Rings(V)

Battered onion rings topped with shredded cheese, parmesan cheese and chipotle aioli.

Stuffed Potato Skin

Classic fried potato skins stuffed with juicy beef bacon, melted cheese and chimichurri sauce.

Convo Chicken Nachos

Crunchy corn chips topped with chicken chili con carne, jalapeños, tomato salsa, cheese sauce and
sour coriander aioli.

Chili Cheese Fries

Nicely fried fries topped with chicken chili con carne and cheese sauce.

Chicken Rissoles

Breaded pastry filled with chicken paired with tomato chutney.

Calamari Rings

Breaded and deep fried calamari served with sambal aioli.

Mini Calzone

Calzone filled with seafood ragout, cheese and served with tomato chutney.

Chicken Quesadilla

Tortilla wrapped layered with smoke duck, tomato, black olive, charred pepper, arugula, balsamic onion, asam pedas sauce and cheese.

Chicken Popcorn

Golden brown fried chicken popcorn served with our signature sambal tumis sauce.

Cheese Sticks

Deep fried mozzarella cheese sticks paired with sweet tomato compote.

Perfect Pizzas

Marinara Cheese Pizza

Topped with tomato sauce and sprinkle cheese.

Honolulu Pizza

Topped with turkey ham, pineapple, mushrooms, dehydrated tomato, cheese and BBQ sauce.

Rogan Josh Pizza

Loaded with lamb varuval, yoghurt, red onion, cashew nuts, and cheese.

Convo Nasi Lemak Pizza

Loaded with everything you look for in a traditional nasi lemak but BETTER.

Shroom’s Pizza

Loaded with assorted mushrooms, garlic paste, balsamic onion, arugula, cheese, and balsamic vinegar.

Duckling Pizza

Layered with charred pepper, tomato sauce, Asian pesto, button mushrooms, onion rings, smoked duck, and cheese.

Pizza Banjir

Flooded with tomato ragout sauce, smoked chicken, peppers, onions, chili flakes, anchovies, dried shrimps, coriander, and cheese.

Main Attractions

Braised Beef Brisket

Beef and vegetables served with a side of Yorkshire pudding.

Pier 39

A fry up of fish, prawn, oyster, mussel, baby squid, fries with yuzu tartar sauce.

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Masala lamb cutlet served with a side of garlic bread sticks and tzatziki sauce.

Milwaukee Spring Chicken

Smoked whole spring chicken accompanied with a classic Caesar salad, air dried herb tomato, and fries.

Ocean Waves

Oven baked whole seabass with poached egg, Thai salsa sauce, seafood rissoles, and salad greens.

Convo Peppered Lamb

Lamb shoulder drenched in pepper sauce with pepper rice.

Chili Lime Chicken

Chicken chop coated with chili lime sauce accompanied with sautéed mushrooms, mesclun mix salad and cheese-baked potato skin

Dessert Delights


Deep fried churros served with dulce de leche custard, cream cheese and a scoop of chocolate ice cream.

Soup of The Day

Please ask our server.

Lava Delight

A warm, soft chocolate cake filled with decadent molten chocolate lava paired with a side of chocolate ice cream.



Leafy romaine tossed with boiled eggs, cheese, anchovy sauce, dried cherry tomatoes, and bread sticks.

Apple And Walnut

A combination of red and green apple tossed with walnut, mesclun mix, cucumber, and maple sesame dressing.

Melon Do The Dew

A mixture of watermelon and honeydewsalad tossed with mint lemongrass dressing.


Convo Pasta

Pasta tossed with lamb in our signature asam pedas sauce.

Al Funghi Pasta

Assorted mushroom pasta in cream sauce.


Pasta tossed with turkey ham and smoked duck meat in carbonara sauce.

Donald’s Pesto Pasta

Pasta tossed in Asian pesto sauce with smoked duck slices.

Aglio- Olio

Pasta tossed in garlic and oil with a hint of chili.

Alredo Pasta

Pasta tossed with loads of cheese sauce.

Individual Main Course

Fish And Chips

Battered tender fish served with fries and sour coriander aioli.

Portuguese Chicken

Fragrant half spring chicken served with onion patatas and garlic chili sauce.

White Tuna

Served with tomato stew and pepper relish.

Bambino Lamb

Spice rub lamb shoulder served with spicy tomato eggplant and pilaf rice.

African Chicken

Spice-marinated chicken chop topped with assorted butter vegetables and peanut sauce.

Latina Chick

Herb-infused chicken chop served with mango salsa, potato salad, and citrus French beans.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Salmon served with sautéed assorted vegetables with pesto cream sauce.